Stop Mold From Taking Over Your House

Stop Mold From Taking Over Your House

Eliminate mold by hiring a home inspector in Enid, Hennessey or Fairview, OK

Don’t let mold creep through your home undetected. Get a qualified home inspector to check out for home for mold growth so you don’t have to live in doubt. Simple Science Inspections will conduct a thorough inspection of your home to root out any mold.

We will perform:

  • Site-specific mold detection
  • Air sampling of the entire area
  • Lead paint testing

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You can trust us for thorough mold inspections

Mold can lead to a lot of respiratory problems. Save yourself the wheezing and sneezing by requesting one of our mold inspections. We will do everything we can to detect any traces of mold in your home. Have you noticed your throat becoming scratchier? You could have a mold problem. We’ll check your home for any spores or mold growth.

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