Home Inspections Near Vance Air Force Base

Home Inspections Near Vance Air Force Base

Simple Science Home Inspections Knows the Drill

As a member of the military you may be used to moving from place to place, but the importance of having your home inspected doesn’t change from base to base. If you’re getting ready to move to a home near Vance Air Force Base, work with Simple Science Home Inspections. Our home inspector spent 11 years in the Air Force as a BioMedical Equipment Technician and knows how time-sensitive a military move can be.

Trying to calculate what time it is in Enid, Hennessey, Fairview, Oklahoma from an international base?

Here are 3 reasons to choose simple science home inspections

  • We understand that you may be in a different time zone and on a different schedule. We’ll work with you to make sure your future home gets the inspection it needs.
  • We’re familiar with the short timeframe that military families often have to relocate.
  • With extensive technical training and 11 years of experience you can be sure your future home is in the right hands.